At Heavy Handed we are dedicated to helping everyday athletes protect what often gets the most abuse, their hands.


Like many of you, I have been a fitness enthusiast my entire life. It really took hold after high school when I was no longer involved in team sports and was looking for ways to feed my competitive side. I tried everything!

Bodybuilding, marathons, obstacle course races, every group fitness class you could think of, and finally CrossFit, and that's where the story really begins.

From my first class I was hooked, but it came with a price… Why am I always so sore and my hands are killing me?? I asked everyone what I should do about my cracked and bleeding hands and they all had the same answer, you need to buy these grips, or tape your hands before a WOD, and my personal favorite, once you tear just pack it full of chalk and keep working out.

The grips were annoying and I had to keep adjusting them through the workouts, the tape would fall off almost immediately once I started sweating, and packing tears full of chalk was well lets just say fu*k that! I was losing precious minutes from my workouts because I had to keep re-wrapping or chalking my hands and it was killing my times.

That's when it hit me, why isn't there a company dedicated to hand care for the lifting community? That’s where the idea for Heavy Handed started.

For most of us fitness is the best part of our day, we wake up early, train hard, and go to our 9-5’s but don't want to deal with the after effects of torn, rough hands in our daily lives. 

Heavy Handed products help hydrate dry hands so you crack and tear less, reduce roughness of calluses (not lose them), and lessen the damaging effects from the things we love: sun, chalk, and barbells.

Keep going hard and stop being Heavy Handed!

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