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The Cream RX

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The Cream RX is a concentrated version of The Cream for severely damaged hands. The 1.7oz container is durable and perfect for your gym bag or travel. With the highly concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. You can expect 4-6 months of use from this compact product. The Cream RX will give you the fastest results if you’re experiencing rough calluses, cracks, and severe damage from barbells, pull-up bars, and rope climbs.
How long will The Cream last?

With average use, 3-4x daily, The Cream lasts 2-3 months. The Cream RX lasts 4-6 months.

    The Cream RX
    The Cream RX
    The Cream RX
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Zachary Levy

    As an athlete we use our hands for mostly everything. I used to be a person that would rip anytime I was hanging from the pull-up rig. Ever since I have been using the Cream RX my hands have had little to no tears! I use both of these creams daily and couldn’t have picked a better product to stand behind!

    Dalton Rodgers
    Added into my daily training routine

    Taking care of your hands when competing is so important and both the hand creams have helped that a TON! Rx cream after training and the other before bed!


    Not fond of the smell but it is softening my calluses I do have.

    lisa queen
    Hand massages

    I work at a boat yard and around salt water. After watching Colten Mertens promote your products I decided to try it out. I’ve been using the Heavy Handed Cream Rx and my hands are soft again. I’m sold. Ok the truth. My girlfriend is an avid CrossFitter who watched Coltens Instagram and bought the cream. Now I get a hand massage nightly with Heavy Hand cream. My hands really are healed and looking better.


    I think I’ve come across more effective products, the fragrance is unappealing and unexpected.