Winter Workouts? Keep Your Hands Tough & Ready with Heavy Handed

Winter Workouts? Keep Your Hands Tough & Ready with Heavy Handed

Winter is here and it's not just the cold we battle, but also the toll it takes on our hands. If your hands feel like they've been through a blizzard after your intense workout sessions, we've got just what you need. Our Heavy Handed creams are your secret weapon against the double challenge of dry winter air and hardcore gym sessions.

Why Choose Heavy Handed?

We're not about just soft hands; we're here to make them tough, resilient, and workout-ready. Here’s how Heavy Handed stands out:

  1. Deep Moisturization for Tough Hands: Our unique blend, including aloe leaf juice and shea butter, goes beyond surface-level care. It's about deep nourishment that keeps your hands tough yet flexible.

  1. Quick Fix for Cracks: Lifting weights and gripping those ropes can be rough on your hands. The Cream RX, with its concentrated power, offers rapid relief and repair for those hard-earned calluses and cracks.

  1. Grip-Friendly Formula: Say goodbye to slippery, greasy hands. Our creams absorb fast, leaving your hands ready for any challenge, be it a barbell or a climbing rope.

  1. Callus Care: We know that calluses are your workout badges. Our creams help maintain them, keeping them from turning into painful problems.

  1. Winter-Proof Your Hands: Our ingredients aren’t just for repair; they also protect against the harsh winter elements, making your hands tough enough to face cold temperatures and biting winds.

Smart Usage for Optimal Results

The key is to use Heavy Handed smartly – not just by the clock. Apply our cream:

  • Before Stepping Out: A quick application before you face the cold can make a big difference.
  • Post-Workout: After you've pushed your limits, give your hands the care they need to recover.
  • When You Feel the Dryness: Listen to your hands. When they start feeling or looking dry, it’s time for a Heavy Handed boost.

Remember, it's not about softening; it's about strengthening. With Heavy Handed, your hands stay as tough and ready as you are, no matter what winter throws your way.


HH Team

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